//Six Tips for Cosmetic Boxes Design

Six Tips for Cosmetic Boxes Design

Think about your recent purchase of cosmetics? Why did you buy that particular brand? Is this impulse purchase, or what you really need? Since you are thinking about it, then you buy it because it is very interesting. Or maybe you really need it, but do you need that particular brand? That stylish and beautiful cosmetic packaging? But you bought it, maybe you feel it looks good, even if it is the same as the product in the discount rack.

This is the purpose of packaging. When your packaging design is more creative, he will be the biggest selling point of your product. This is not just about putting your logo on the package. It not only needs to attract attention, convey information, but also let consumers feel a certain feeling.

How to make your product stand out from all other products on the shelf may be difficult, so you can get inspiration through the following creative cosmetic boxes and learn how to make your packaging appeal to the public.

1. Consider all available space–When designing a cosmetic case, you must use every size.

2. Don’t be afraid of simplicity–Sometimes simple design is the key, and this is also true in this package. The color of the earth, the recyclable eco-friendly material exudes a simple feeling and feather illustrations, and the bright color of the label gives a good design effect, adding some modern flavor to the packaging.

3. Use stylization–Don’t feel the need to make your illustrations or graphics completely realistic. If you can make your image more stylized and use it as a texture element, then do it.

4. Don’t limit your thoughts–If your product is best suited for a particular type of packaging, don’t limit yourself to the basic idea. This handmade soap is best placed in a box, but not a regular box that opens only at one end. It can be folded open, and the folding action makes it more special and interesting, making it something worth saving and for decorating storage.

5. Stick to your own principles–Analyze the meaning of your product representative and present it in your packaging. This beauty line is a natural and pure ingredient. They embody this in their packaging. It’s simple, clean and looks natural. Earth-tone boxes also add a nice shine to nature.

6. Creativity–You can make your packaging cool, but if you can make your actual product cool, you will be a real winner. Take this milk soap as an example. It’s just a soap made from milk and it’s easy to make a rectangle. But it didn’t do what it was supposed to, but it became a shape of ice cream, directly related to the milk inside.

After seeing the infinite possibilities, create amazing creative cosmetic boxes that should not hesitate to push your product packaging. It can be functional, purposeful, entertaining, or weird; but one thing is certain, the more creative your packaging is, the more inspiring it is and the more likely the product will sell.

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